Lessons Learnt #1 – Moving

Things I didn’t know until this week and advice I can offer. As I’ve mentioned before, this week I have been moving house, so the majority of things I now know relate specifically to this.

Sorting and packing – be ruthless

When you’re moving house and sorting through your belongings it’s always tempting to pack things ‘just in case’. I have untaped boxes this week to hundreds of items that were packed ‘just in case’. My heart has sunk everytime. Like the birthday from nightmares I’ve unwrapped the item and thought – why did I pack this? And more importantly – where am I going to store it now? As a rule of thumb if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months and you’re not sure you’ll have an immediate use for it, don’t take it!

List the most important item in the box

I packed some of my clothes into a box. The clothes that I had to wear on the lead up to the move so couldn’t be packed with everything else. I’ve now come to realise that they are in a box with lampshades and old cushions. That box is somewhere in the deep, dark depths of the storage room (the room that will house all the items that used to be in the loft until we get a garage built). I understand the removal people’s logic in taking the box into that room. Nowhere on the box did I write ‘clothes’. So now some of my most favourite items of clothing are six layers deep along with the CDs I haven’t played in over 10 years and the foot spa that only saw the light of day once.

What is fake fruit?

Your hoover has more attachments than you think

A boring truth. I’ve had my hoover for 15 years and this week I’ve discovered it does things that would have been really handy to have known about way before now. Take a look at your hoover properly next time you get it out. Make sure you get the full value of it.

The kitchen is never right first time

It doesn’t matter which cupboard things end up in, it’s never quite right. When I want to reach for a tea cup I’m opening the cupboard for glasses. My tea towels are too low and the saucepans are just too high up. My advice would be to put things anywhere to begin with and then move it around once you’ve worked out what is natural.

Something won’t work and that’s ok

I thought we’d been lucky this time. Boiler works – check. Oven works – check. Lights work – check. Toilets and showers work – check. Plumbing for the washing machine…..

Photo by Mrs ESTJ

Stay safe. X

16 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt #1 – Moving

  1. Firstly congrats on the move…..you’ve deffo moved right….😁😁. When we moved to our place we didn’t have any cupboards so clothes were fetched from bin liners…every day…it was the most frustrating thing ever!!!!
    Actual moving on the day was OK, we got lucky.

    1. We are in the same position. No wardrobes, no real loft as it’s been converted into a bedroom and no garage… yet. We’ll get it sorted eventually though. Just nice to have a place of our own again.

  2. That was the main thing that didn’t work in my flat when I moved in last year (several lights too). I was lucky in that the cleaner sent in the day before I moved in was the one who got wet feet! Hope things are beginning to settle down a bit – it takes time, doesn’t it!

      1. Glad to hear you got that sorted – water in the wrong places in a house can be very inconvenient! Hope it all goes well for you.

  3. You are finally in your home! No more moving this year, right? Enjoy it up. I always love the idea of new potential for organization. “Potential” being the operative world, hahah.

      1. Crossing fingers for you! I hear that any boxes left packed after 1 year have only a 10% chance of ever being unpacked😳

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